The Sign of Zorro (1958)

DailyView: Day 256, Movie 361

Heading over to Disney + for the day, I watched The Sign of Zorro, a film from 1958 that was actually an edited version of an eight episode TV program about the outlaw Zorro.

Starring Guy Williams as Don Diego de la Vega, the mysteriously masked Zorro, this film had several storylines weaving the way through, including an imposter Zorro, the fight for honorable justice and an attempt to keep the identity of Zorro secret.

Britt Lomond played the crooked commandant Capitán Monastario, whose power hungry nature placed him in situations where he would do what was best for himself no matter what and this put him on the opposite end of Zorro’s blade.

There was a lot of fun in this black and white thriller, with plenty of swordplay and some fancy horse riding action.

The humor was fine. Most of the acting was passable. Diego’s loyal servant Bernardo (Gene Sheldon) interestingly enough was mute in the show and he decided to pretend to be deaf as well. I wonder what the purpose was to have Bernardo to be mute. I had never seen that version of the character before, but my familiarity with Zorro is limited.

The Sign of Zorro was a lot of fun and presented a hero who lived up to the name.

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