Dirty Work (1998)

DailyView: Day 257, Movie 362

Yesterday we lost Bob Saget, former star of Full House and America’s Funniest Home Videos. It was an unexpected blow after a tough few weeks. Bob Saget was a beloved comedian and comedic actors around.

So, in honor, I found a film that was directed by Bob Saget for the DailyView today. It also starred the recently departed Norm McDonald. It was called Dirty Work.

Unfortunately, this was not a great example of Bob Saget’s humor or quality work, because this wa absolutely horrible.

I feel bad that I picked this film to commemorate the life of Bob Saget. I should have kept looking.

Mitch (Norm McDonald) and Sam (Artie Lange) are close friends, but when Sam’s father Pops (Jack Warden) needs a heart transplant and the crooked doctor (Chevy Chase) said he could get a heart for $50,000, Mitch and Sam start their own business of revenge.

Norm McDonald is a great comedian. He is not a great actor. In fact, he is really a poor actor. I don’t want to pile on here.

The story was lame. There was almost no humor. I may have snickered once or twice.

This was also the final movie appearance by Chris Farley. RIP.

I guess the moral of the story is, if you want to honor Bob Saget, go watch some Full House episodes.

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