Station Eleven S1 E10


“Unbroken Circle”

For a moment, I was going to be really mad at this show as I thought that it wasn’t going to do something that I really wanted it to do. I thought for part of the episode that they were going to bring Jeevan to the airport and not have him meet back up with Kirsten. That is certainly how the beginning of the episode went and I was worried that it would end that way.

Thankfully, that was just my own worries.

Station Eleven Ending: Mackenzie Davis Reveals Original Version of THAT  Scene

Station Eleven’s finale was very much of a wrap up of emotional stories and character arcs that had been in the show form the beginning. As I suspected earlier in the series, the flu’s origin was not an important part. In fact, the flu itself was just a plot point that placed these characters into a situation. Station Eleven was more about the characters involved than the situation that they were in. Much like The Walking Dead is not really a zombie show, it is a show of survival and hope.

The reunion of Jeevan and Kirsten hit all the right notes and was worth the long wait. They did not clutter the scene with a lot of exposition. Instead, they just allowed the two actors to reveal their feelings through a hug and their expressions and it was beautiful.

Honestly, the one part that was less than fulfilling was the material with the astronaut and Miranda. I’m not sure what exactly this part was meant for. Apparently, Dr. Eleven (the astronaut) has a more outlined and detailed purpose in the novel, by writer Emily St. John Mandel.

The other relationships of the show were all handled with a lot of respect and care. Tyler and his mother, Tyler and Clark, Alex and the troupe, etc. There was a wonderful scene with Sarah and Jeevan as she passed away.

The episode was not high in action, but it felt more like the falling action of the plot map. It gave us resolutions to all the people that we had been following for 10 episodes.

We even had a bit of a resolution with the comic book too, as Kirsten showed the comic to one of the kids of The Prophet’s cult.

Station Eleven: Season 1/ Episode 10 “Unbroken Circle” – Recap/ Review  (with Spoilers)

Station Eleven was a great discovery on HBO Max. It was a limited series and came to a beautiful conclusion. It was an unexpected treat this weekend.

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