Hotel Transylvania 4: Transformania

I have not been a fan of this franchise. That is not going to change after Hotel Transylvania 4, either. I will say that I did not hate this movie., which might be the best thing I can say about it.

Even with Adam Sandler out as Drac (now voiced by Brian Hull, doing a Sandler imitation), I found little about the new animated feature debuting on Amazon Prime this weekend to be interesting or engaging. There were a few giggles in the humor, but there was not much for me. Like many animated films, I believe that younger kids would find this much more entertaining than anyone over, oh, I don’t know, ten.

Drac was preparing to announce that he is retiring and that he was going to hand over the hotel to Mavis (Selena Gomez), but the fact that Mavis’s husband Johnny (Andy Samberg) was a dweeb made Drac reconsider. He told Johnny a lie to cover his tracks and that lie led Johnny try and fix things by turning himself into a monster.

Then, somehow, Drac gets shot with the same ray and turned into a human as did all of the other characters. They then had to head out on a strange quest through the jungle to find a new crystal for the ray before Johnny turned into a raging, mindless beast forever.

So the plot is basically, Drac does something stupid. They have to go on an adventure. Drac learns lesson. Seems familiar.

However, a few voices are different this time. Noticeably, Frank is not voiced by Kevin James and instead is voiced by Brad Abrell. Of course, Sandler is gone too.

There are a bunch of top notch voice actors besides those I have already mentioned including Keegan-Michael Key, Steve Buscemi, Kathryn Hahn (always a joy), David Spade, Fran Drescher, Jim Gaffigan, and Molly Shannon.

The animation was fine, but there were a few spots where it almost felt unfinished. Then, the joke at the end of the film was bizarre and did not make much sense, unless there are plans to do an animated series and they are going to change up the animation style for it. Otherwise, I do not understand what the joke was about.

This was, at the very best, a middling movie. It was not something that I hated, and may not end up on a year end worst list, but I will never want to see it again. This is reportedly the final film in the franchise and that makes me happy.

2.3 stars

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