The God Committee (2021)

I found the God Committee on Netflix this evening. It was a film released in July of the past year in limited release.

The God Committee is the story of a group of people at a hospital on a committee that make decisions on which patients receive transplants. Dr. Boxer (Kelsey Grammar) is retiring from the committee after years, being replaced by Dr. Jordan Taylor (Julia Stiles). They receive a heart, but the patient it was intended for died when prepping. The committee had one hour to make the decision on who would get the heart instead.

The film also shows the committee members seven years in the future, dealing with the consequences of their decision.

I have to say, I was confused by the scenes in the future. It took me quite awhile to figure that out. I was especially confused since Kelsey Grammar had differing amount of hair. So much that I thought to myself…is he wearing a piece?

Once I figured out the time frame, the film made more sense. I’m not sure the story that they were telling was intense enough to spread over seven years. The acting was solid. Janeane Garofalo was on the committee as well.

There were plenty of moral decisions that the committee had to consider before rendering their verdict. The dialogue was strong and the debates in the office were the best part of the film. The interactions with the committee was the standout.

In the end, the film is okay. It has some good acting and some good pieces. The future story is the weakest part.

3 stars

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