Inside Llewyn Davis (2013)

DailyView: Day 265, Movie 370

Officially 100 days remaining in the DailyView as of today!

I watched the new trailer last night for Marvel Studio’s next Disney + series, Moon Knight, debuting at the end of March. The actor starring as Moon Knight is the ever awesome Oscar Isaac. In honor of the great trailer, I found a film on the list featuring Mr. Isaac. That turned out to be Inside Llewyn Davis.

Ethan and Joel Coen wrote and directed this film about a down on his luck folk singer in 1961 named Llewyn Davis (Oscar Isaac) as he struggled to try and find his way through the difficulties life threw at him.

And it seemed as if life was spending the entire movie throwing difficulties at poor, sad-sack Llewyn.

This was a fantastic film. It was extremely funny as everything seemed to be collapsing around his life. Oscar Isaac is amazing in the lead role, both in the acting and the singing areas. It is a complicated and deep role. Llewyn has so much go against him, but you still want to root for him, no matter how poorly he reacts to the situation.

There was also a brilliant performance, albeit a short one, by John Goodman. Goodman steals every scene he was in and provided some of the best laughs of the film. That character was such an original and exceptional part of the movie.

The film does not really have a plot, as it is more like a series of scenes involving Llewyn Davis strung together. I found a quote from Joel Coen on IMSB that said “the film doesn’t really have a plot. That concerned us at one point; that’s why we threw the cat in.”

I was thoroughly entertained by Inside Llewyn Davis and it only makes me even more excited for Oscar Isaac is the MCU.

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