The Sit Downers (1937)

DailyView: Day 265, Movie 371

So I decided to watch another short from the early days of movies tonight for a specific reason. I found the Three Stooges in a short called The Sit Downers from the year 1937. The reason I chose this was because of the year 1937. I had not seen a movie in that year for the DailyView yet. With that year now checked off, I have watched at least one movie from every year from 1929-2020. There are only four more years remaining (all in the 1920s) and I will have seen a film from 1915-2020. Those final four years are a goal for the final 100 days of this binge.

Anyway, this is the first time I used The Three Stooges in the DailyView. I have seen Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Laurel & Hardy, Abbot & Costello, The Marx Brothers, but Larry, Moe and Curly had not made the cut. Until tonight that is.

This film was very funny, filled with Stooge-y humor, slapstick and plenty of “nyuck, nyucks”.

Larry, Moe and Curly wanted to get married to three sisters, but the sister’s father refused to give permission. So the Stooges staged a sit in protest in order to change the father’s mind. After weeks of sit downing, and plenty of support from fans across the country, the father gave in.

So they got married, but they discovered that the free house they thought was donated to them had to be constructed by them before the honeymoon. Weird premise, I know, but it was really funny. I think every slapstick crew has done the construction gags, but this one worked well. The Stooges had great comedic timing and made the unavoidable accidents very funny.

Some of this film is believed to have been inspired by Buster Keaton’s film, One Week, which was one of the DailyView films watched.

The Stooges worked well together and I laughed several times during the film. It was an easy watch and a fun time.

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