Nacho Libre (2006)

DailyView: Day 276, Movie 387

The second film of the day, dedicated to wrestling was considerably better than the first one (but it would have to be. Ready to Rumble set the bar really low). This was the Jack Black film called Nacho Libre.

Jack Black played Ignacio, a Catholic friar from Mexico who moonlighted as a Luchadore in the world of lucha libre. Ignacio and his partner, Esqueleto (Héctor Jiménez) struggled to find any success in the squared circle which caused frustration for the fighting friar. Yet, Ignacio continued his battle not only for his own glory, but for money to use to help the orphans.

Addressing this up top, Jack Black is about as white of a guy as you are going to see playing this Mexican man. His accent is ridiculous. I know some have made claim that this is racist, but I do not buy that. It may not be the most sensitive aspect of the film, but it did not disqualify it for me.

Nacho Libre had some decent moments and Jack Black is always fun. His dual role was well done, as he tried to balance the call of the ring with his duties as a monk. Some of the wrestling scenes were well done, especially the ones involving the bestial little people.

The real life Luchadore Silver King portrayed the film’s antagonist, Ramses. Silver King had a long career in wrestling until his death in the ring from a heart attack in 2019.

Like many Jack Black comedies, Nacho Libre is over-the-top, but with its heart in the right place. The film is carried very much by the personality of Jack Black and he fits right into the world of Luchadore.

Nacho Libre is a mixed bag, but I liked it more than I anticipated. It is Citizen Kane in comparison to Ready to Rumble, that is for sure.

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