Ready to Rumble (2000)

DailyView: Day 276, Movie 386

Today is the WWE’s classic event, The Royal Rumble, which one of my personal premium live events the WWE presents. So I decided that I would honor the Rumble by watching some wrestling movies on the DailyView.

Unfortunately, I started the day with Ready to Rumble.

Gordie Boggs (David Arquette) and Sean Dawkins (Scott Caan) are a pair of dimwitted sewage workers who are huge wrestling fans, especially for Jimmy King (Oliver Platt), the WCW World Champion. When evil promoter Titus Sinclair (Joe Pantoliano) decided to screw The King out of his title, Gordie and Sean went on a mission to help return Jimmy King to his throne.

This is such a sad movie. It is terrible and it paints the wrestling fan in the worst light possible. It also makes the wrestlers look so bad. I cannot understand why the WCW stars involved themselves in this insulting and downright offensive film that denigrates the business of professional wrestling and its fans while enforcing every possible negative stereotype of wrestling.

It also put into motion one of the worst storylines of all time, when David Arquette actually won the WCW World Championship in the WCW. This storyline was a contributing factor in the eventual real life downfall of the promotion.

Back to the movie, it made no sense and tried to blend the fictionalized world of pre wrestling with reality, failing miserably. Gordie and Sean are absolutely horrendous and highlight nothing good about wrestling. Maybe that was the purpose of the film, but, again, I can not understand why the people at WCW would agree to this script or this movie.

Martin Landau suddenly showed up as a wrestling trainer right out of the Stu Hart mold. I couldn’t believe when he opened the door.

I wanted this movie over five minutes into it. I hated this disrespectful and hate filled movie.

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