Jackass Forever

I almost did not go to this movie. I am not a fan of Jackass and it does not feel like the humor I enjoy, but it worked out for me to see it and I went.

And I hated it.

Hated it.

I’m not sure whether the cast was more tortured or if I was.

I hate it when there is vomit in movies, so a film that featured the Vomitron, which is real vomit, is not going to be something I like.

Honestly, I may have giggled twice in the entire movie. I found nothing funny. It was just a bunch of poop, pain and more penises than I have ever seen in a movie.

All these guys standing around laughing at people who have done something stupid and are hurt make me feel as if they are nothing but a bunch of assholes, not just jackasses. They also pulled some bits that felt cruel, not funny. The thing with the bear. The thing with the rattlesnake in the dark. I was really worried that a couple of these Jackasses were going to have a heart attack doing these.

The best part about the film was when they brought out the vulture because that bird was frightening. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. It was horrifying, and that did not include them throwing raw meat into the crotch area of Wee Man for the vulture to eat. The bird was easily the best moment.

Otherwise, I hated so much of this movie. Even a few of the moments that could have been funny had already been in the trailer (such as the Machine Gun Kelly backhand or the bicycle riding into the wall) and it was spoiled.

Oh, and the beginning introduction with the Godzilla penis thing… may have been one of the worst thing that I have ever seen.

Horrible, This was just not for me.

0 stars

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