Roland Emmerich, director of this film, made a snide comment about Marvel, DC and Star Wars movies destroying the movie business. Then, ironically, he puts out a movie like Moonfall, which is really close to a super hero movie and is just so much worse than all of the super hero movies recently.

In Moonfall, the moon falls toward earth. Yup, that was the plot. At least at the start. We were getting the Emmerich 2012/Independence Day/The Day After Tomorrow type of disaster film where the moon had mysteriously come out of its orbit and would eventually crash into the earth, causing massive destruction and death. Thankfully, a plucky group of characters including Jo (Halle Berry), Brian (Patrick Wilson and Dr. KC Houseman (John Bradley) take off to try and save the ear5th while their family members and kids try to avoid dying on the planet.

It is the same as any other disaster movie you have ever seen and felt like all of Emmerich’s films blended together into one. The group of people on the earth, which included Brian’s son (Charlie Plummer), and, for some reason the unbelievably wasted Michael Peña, were characters that I could not care about less. They were a total waste of time.

By the way, into the third act, the film changes pace and tries to escape the disaster movie genre and become a high concept sci-fi film, and it failed miserably. The HUGE amount of exposition that happened at the very beginning of the third act totally dragged any little bit of momentum the film may have had to a grinding stop.

The CGI is not great either, especially the destruction on the earth. It was very limited amount of special effects on earth, certainly no where near what you may expect in a disaster film.

Emmerich seemed to have little skill at creating realistic or compelling real humans. The dialogue is terrible. Their interactions are wooden and lacking any real true feeling. He should just stick to his overarching destructive tendencies.

Moonfall can’t even become a dumb disaster movie. It failed at most of the traits of the movie. I disliked this film. And, sorry Roland, it has nothing to do with Marvel, DC or Star Wars. Moonfall is just a crappy movie.

1.4 stars

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