Fabricated (2016)

DailyView: Day 316, Movie 450

Since The Sky was so short, I figured I would do a second short film on YouTube for the DailyView this morning. It is going to be a long fay, so starting it off with two compelling shorts feels like a great start.

The second one I chose was from 2016 and it was a stop-motion animated film called Fabricated.

Fabricated takes place in a future world where the organic material has mostly died off and the only remaining forms are machinery. The main character, a weird looking robot with a dinosaur skull, sets off on a wandering mission.

Honestly, I am not sure exactly what had happened in the short, but it was such a spectacularly amazing accomplishment of stop-action that the narrative was of a lesser importance. The meticulous work that was out in on this short is mind boggling and shows an incomparable creativity and dedication.

The artistry of this short is amazing and should be appreciated for what it is.

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