The Sky (2020)

DailyView: Day 316, Movie 449

Who would have thought that 11 + minutes could be so compelling?

This morning, I watched the sci-fi/horror short called The Sky, directed by Matt Sears. It was just over eleven minutes long and, my goodness, it was good.

Two women were sitting together on a hill, watching the darkening sky and playing “Never Have I Ever”. Ellie (Chloe Fox) received a voice mail from her estranged mother (Renee Sears), begging for her to come and meet her before everything ends. Ellie’s friend Victoria (Charlotte Christof) talked her out of leaving saying that it was “too late.”

This is an apocalyptic tale about the end of the world. We do not need to know about the reasons the world is ending, because the short is really about family and what is important in life and the importance of mending fences while you still can.

The special effects for this short was impressive. The sky itself feels like a character as it slowly comes along, marshaling destruction in its path.

Chloe Fox was the definite standout in this short. She does a great job with her frightening performance. And the heartbreaking ending is extremely powerful as well.

It is a strong short that you should find. It is on YouTube and it is just a minimal time commitment to see how effective movies can be at presenting a message.

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