The Lost City

This weekend saw the debut of a new comedy adventure film called The Lost City featuring Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum. Honestly, the trailers of this film did not fill me with an excitement for this movie, but some positive word of mouth made me hopeful that this would be an enjoying film.

Loretta (Sandra Bullock) is a reclusive romance novelist whose husband died a few years before, causing her to be even further outside of the public. Her new book feels like the last to her. On the book tour, Loretta had to be matched up with her popular cover model, Alan (Channing Tatum).

However, Loretta, after a particularly failed presentation, is kidnapped by wealthy businessman Abigail Fairfax (Daniel Radcliffe) because he needed her to help him find the real Lost City and the rich stuff. Alan decided to head after her and try a rescue mission along with Jack Trainer (Brad Pitt), a bad ass mercenary he knew through meditation.

This is a movie that is 100% dependent on the fantastic chemistry and exceptional banter between Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum. You may not remember how great the comedic timing these two actors exhibit, but it is off the charts. Not only with the banter and dialogue, but also with the physical comedy. Bullock and Tatum carry this movie and elevates it to a level I did not expect.

Daniel Radcliffe is exceptional as well, albeit with a lesser developed character, in Fairfax, the film’s antagonist. His motivations are easy to understand, but feels a little underwritten. Still Radcliffe takes what he has been given and absolutely goes to town with it.

There is actually a ton of practical effects, as the film shot in the actual jungle. It helps give this film a realistic look and stand out against a lot of the other films that are mostly CGI these days.

There is not a lot new in the story area of The Lost City. It is a bunch of plot points that we have seen before, but they all feel fresh because of the excellent relationship between Loretta and Alan. Every review I have seen has made a Romancing the Stone allusion and you can see why that is.

Da’Vine Joy Randolph has a smaller role as the friend and agent for Loretta and she has a few good moments, but her character felt added on.

Oh, and Brad Pitt is absolutely transcendent in his short time in the film. He is fabulous.

The tone of the film is great, the humor is excellent, and the performances are wonderful. It is a big action comedy and a fun time at the theater.

4.1 stars

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