Birth of the Living Dead (2013)

DailyView: Day 343, Movie 490

Back in the late sixties, a sub-genre of horror was invented. A sub-genre that exploded in popularity over the years, Zombies, although that word is never mentioned in the film.

There was little to nothing with zombies in movies prior to George C. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead came out and became a cult classic. This documentary looked at the filming, distribution and response of The Night of the Living Dead.

To be honest, the story of the movie was fun to hear, but there was nothing deep and surprising in the tale told. Some of the most fascinating part of the doc was the interview of Romero himself. Most of the interviews with the “talking heads” in the film added to the doc very well.

You really get the idea that this film was a leader in the field of horror and an inspiration to filmmakers over the decades that followed.

The investigation of how the lead character of the movie was black, but there was absolutely zero racial issues made in the film was quite revolutionary for the 1960s and was intriguing.

It is an easy watch that does not require much of the viewer. It has an interesting story to tell and flies by quickly.

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