Moon Knight S1 E2

SPOILERS for Episode 2 of Moon Knight

“Summon the Suit”

The second episode of Disney +’s new Marvel series Moon Knight aired last night and it was fantastic, every bit as great as the first week’s debut episode.

Oscar Isaac is killing it as Steven Grant/Marc Spector, the Moon Knight. His acting has been unbelievable, especially when his two DID characters are arguing with each other in mirrors or any other reflective surfaces. Oscar Isaac has been totally masterful. I have never seen an actor who has so much chemistry with himself as Oscar Isaac has shown.

Ethan Hawke is a sensation as the main protagonist, Arthur Harrow. We got more depth of Harrow’s cult and what he wants that mysterious scarab for. One could certain see why people might be attracted to him. It is great that Harrow believes what he is doing is the right thing.

Khonshu appears quite a bit in this episode and continues to look spectacular. The character design is creepy and frightening and works so great.

Marc Spector’s wife (yes, wife) Layla arrived in this episode. We had heard her on the phone last week, but now she showed up and finds out about Steven. Their relationship is interesting and I am looking forward to seeing more of her. Marc has certainly been trying to distance himself from her- most likely as a way to protect her from the dangers he is facing…and from Khonsu.

Mr. Knight appears as the suit that Steven summons to save himself from falling. The suit is a wonderful design and look exactly as it does in the comics. Yes, Mr. Knight, the character, is quite different in this series than the Warren Ellis comic run where we first meet this version of Mr. Knight.

The episode concludes with Marc back in control and in Egypt. I’m guessing that episode three will dive into the origin of how Marc Spector/Steven Grant became the avatar of the Egyptian God of the Moon.

While there are some hidden Easter Eggs that tie Moon Knight to the MCU, they are hidden well and it feels as if the show has never made an allusion to the MCU yet, and that is awesome. It allows them to create their own part of the world. Eventually they will obviously tie it to the universe, but how cool would it be if that did not happen until a post credit scene of episode 6?

After two weeks, Moon Knight has become a must see. A show that I base the week around. Next Wednesday can’t get here soon enough.

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