All the Old Knives

Amazon Prime has a new film that opened this weekend starring Chris Pine and Thandiwe Newton called All the Old Knives. This was a thriller directed by Janus Metz Pedersen.

CIA agent Henry Pelham (Chris Pine) is sent to investigate the potential leak that led to a disastrous terrorist attack on an airplane 8 years before. Henry interviews Celia Harrison (Thandiwe Newton), and they were lovers during the event of Turkish Airlines 127.

The story of the film tells this story with flashbacks to 2012 showing what happened with the agents and the airplane, and 2020 when Henry is interviewing Celia at a restaurant. They also have flashbacks within 2020 when Henry was interviewing Celia’s old boss Bill Compton (Jonathan Pryce).

I’m not going to lie. This movie confused me multiple times because of the way the flashbacks were written. There were times where I wasn’t sure which year they were in so I had a hard time following it.

The performances are solid. Lawrence Fishburne was in the film, but was not used as much as I would have expected. Chris Pine was good and Thandiwe Newton was excellent. They had great chemistry in their scenes.

The resolution of the thriller was a tad convoluted, but not terrible. There are much better spy thrillers than this movie, but it is a reasonable film.

2.8 stars

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