Howl (2015)

DailyView: Day 348, Movie 496

Werewolves, at least, sort of werewolves, are all over the British horror film Howl from 2015, directed by Paul Hyett. They certainly play with the mythology of the creatures, which is fine of course. However, the basically reduce one of the classic monsters into nothing more than a slasher flick.

A group of people aboard a train are placed in mortal danger when their train breaks down in the woods that happens to be filled with human eating werewolves.

That is basically it. Exactly what you think will happen, happens. The group of people have absolutely zero characters I wanted to root for. They were all nothing more than the typical victim character with, perhaps, one or so, defining characteristics trying to pass them off as developed charatcers.

There is not a single one of the characters that I gave a hoot for and, much like the slasher movies I referenced earlier, you just set them up to see how they are killed.

That would still be okay if the werewolves did not look as silly as they did. There was very little horrific about the creatures. They looked so much better when they kept them in the shadows without revealing their appearance. Once the brought the werewolf into the light, it stopped any further tension.

There was little difference between these werewolves and the classic zombies, with the exception of the howling and some extra hair.

I found this to be quite disappointing and uninteresting.

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