The Quiet Ones (2014)

DailyView: Day 356, Movie 508

Tonight, I went with another horror movie on Cinemax at Amazon Prime for the DailyView, which broke into single digits of days remaining. This film was called The Quiet Ones that was released in 2014, directed by John Pogue and featuring Jared Harris, Olivia Cooke, and Sam Claflin.

The Quiet Ones was based loosely on the Phillip Experiment, which was a parapsychology experiment in 1972 in Toronto that tried to “determine whether subjects can communicate with fictionalized ghosts through expectations of human will.” (Wikipedia).

The Quiet Ones is a mixture of a typical possession film and a found footage sub-genre film.

According to IMDB: “Jane Harper (Olivia Cooke) is a deeply troubled girl possessed of an all-consuming blackness, and Professor Joseph Coupland (Jared Harris) has a particularly unconventional plan for getting the darkness out of her. Summoning his top students to a secluded estate on the outskirts of London, Professor Coupland proposes that they attempt to manifest the malevolent energy in Jane. What the brilliant instructor and his ambitious students discover when they attempt to do so, however, is a horror so unrelentingly baleful and powerful that it may destroy them all before they even realize what a terrible mistake they’ve made

There may have been a great horror movie inside this. Unfortunately, this was too disjointed and muddled to be effective. There were some decent scenes in the film and the acting was solid. I thought the story had a decent through line, but it required some rework. The story was very familiar with the beats, plenty of horror tropes that burden down the story.

For a movie called The Quiet Ones, there was certainly a lot of screaming. I have ot say that in the third act, Sam Claflin was way too out of control and it made him less enjoyable. The final effects were questionable too.

I have seen worse horror films, but this one is unremarkable in many ways. It had some interesting ideas, but the execution was just not quality.

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