Moon Knight S1 E4

Spoilers for ep.4

“The Tomb”

Episode four of Moon Knight flipped the script big time and ended with one of the biggest WTF scene of anything in the MCU so far.

Of course, if you are a Moon Knight comic reader, you were not shocked at what happened this morning on Disney +, but, like I was, you were probably amazed that the show actually went there.

Steven and Leyla found their way into the hidden tomb and then all kinds of weird stuff started happening. There were some crazy-looking mummies making this eerie clicking sound, went after Steven and Leyla.

Leyla showed why Khonshu wanted her as his new avatar as she tossed the mummy down the giant pit after ripping off its arm and shoving a red flare in its face.

Steven found the lost tomb of Alexander the Great, who according to MCU lore, was the last avatar of Ammit and where the wooden statue of Ammit had been hidden (shoved down Alexander the Great’s mummified gullet. It was a real creepy scene where Steven had to reach down the mummy’s throat to retrieve it.

At this time, Harrow arrived with his henchmen and ended up shooting Marc directly in the chest twice. Marc fell backwards into water and sank into the light.

All the pre-shot stuff in the tomb was cool, giving off a very Indiana Jones/Mummy vibe, but none of that prepared us for what was next.

We see a movie playing that turns out to be “Tomb Buster” with a character called Dr. Steven Grant. It is clearly a cheap knockoff of those type of films.

When the camera pulls out, we find ourselves in a mental institution where we see all of the characters from the show up until this point, only looking very One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest-like. Marc is here too, in a wheelchair, clearly out of it. There is a game of BINGO going on with numbers that do not exist in BINGO games. Leyla is here too, but nothing like the mummy asskicker that we saw earlier.

Marc winds up talking to a psychiatrist, who happened to be Harrow. This led to Marc running from the office and finding a sarcophagus with Steven inside. Yes, there were two Oscar Isaacs.

They’re on their way through the mazes of hallways when they come across someone who I can honestly say, I never would have expected.


And Marc and Steven’s response was exactly what you would expect…

Taweret is the Egyptian Goddess of Fertility and Childbirth and she was the goddess that the statue on LOST was based.

It was great to see the hippo on Moon Knight. I loved LOST and the connection was awesome. I’m curious to see how this plays out on Moon Knight, or if even she was more than just a fantasy in the head of Marc Specter.

I love how this scene at the end of the episode puts into question everything we have seen up until this point and made it uncertain about what is real and what is imaginary. Much like the awesome Jeff Lemire run on Moon Knight comic book, this could be a real trip of a final two episodes.

I missed a bunch of stuff from this episode (including Marc telling Leyla about her father’s death, Khonshu’s statue being placed with the other trapped Egyptian deities, Steven kissing Leyla, the third sarcophagus, the Moon Knight action figure). This was a great episode that was so chocked full of goodness and epic moments that I can’t wait to find out how they are resolved.

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