Friday Night Titans #9

Spoilers for Friday Night Titans

They talked about the main event slot of this episode being Kristian Harloff pulling the numbers for tomorrow’s Free-4-All, which sounded incredibly dull and it was potentially ruining one of the best parts of the Free-4-All, the mystery of who was playing in the match and when people were coming out. The entire idea sounded like a poor idea and would require a bunch of shenanigans to make entertaining.

Little did I know that it was all a ruse.

Paul Oyama came out to the stage and cashed in his Free-4-All win from last season and challenged Samm Levine, the Singles Champion, to a match.

Before making the challenge, Paul teased that he and his new partner, Adam Collins, could challenge Shazam. Oyama and Collins? What a powerhouse team that is. That could be a true challenge for Shazam, but more about them later.

Doing what Samm had done years before when he challenged Dan Murrell on the spot, Oyama brought out Levine and they had a championship match.

The match was entertaining, but it took a massive turn in the third round when an Action/Adventure question about Jason Statham led to Samm gaining 3 points in the betting round after he got the question correct and Oyama losing 3 points after missing it. That took a reasonably close match up and made it a ten point deficit and essentially ended the match.

It set up Samm for a chance to get a KO in the speed round. Samm Levine has got to be considered one of the best speed round players in Schmoedown history, and he showed it once again. Samm did not rest back on his laurels with a strong lead. He came out aggressive and was able to end the Speed Round up by 11 points, triggering the KO.

Samm Levine, who has not gotten a question wrong since he came back to compete in season 9, was not going to lose a ten point lead after round three without some major bad luck, and, of course, they never got to the 5th round.

Samm Levine continues to be dominant and announced that he will be playing in the Free-4-All tomorrow, which allows him to perhaps miss a question or two without being placed in a situation where his title could be taken from him.

The undercard of the show was another title match with Shazam playing for a third time versus Korruption, Mike Kalinowski and Chance Ellison. The match had a stipulation added to it where if Korruption lost this match, they would be forced to break up as a team. High stakes for sure and it was a much more entertaining (and competitive) championship match than our singles match.

Korruption started off fast, grabbing a lead after round one and they increased the lead after a 2 point steal in round two. When both teams answered the betting round question correctly, it was looking as if Korruption was going to unseat Shazam.

However, William Bibbiani had a brilliant speed round, taking a couple of massive risks to get to questions first and wound up answering the final four questions correctly to pull to within 2 heading into the championship round.

It all came down to a 5-point question. Shazam answered all three of their 5th round questions correctly, leaving Korruption with their five pointer. Unfortunately for them, they came up one short for the number of times that Tony Scott directed Denzel Washington, and Shazam retained their team titles for the fourth time.

The studio was filled with a lot of emotions over what had happened, with Korruption now forced to no longer play together. Mike Kalinowski was already known as an emotional player and he took the defeat hard, taking the blame for the five point error.

It is nice that these players are working now as Faces because they were able to really embrace that emotion without having to play it off. Korruption is certainly one of the best teams ever to compete in the Movie Trivia Schmoedown.

Which made me think, what are the best teams ever? Here is my list:

  1. Shazam.
  2. The Patriots
  3. The Shirewolves
  4. The Odd Couple
  5. Korruption
  6. Above the Line
  7. Top 10
  8. The Schmoes
  9. The Founding Fathers
  10. Team Action

Shazam is on a historic run and has faced considerably tougher competition than the Patriots ever did. Shazam is 14-2 and has four title defenses. Two more and they tie The Patriots title defenses. Fact is that every team Shazam has faced have been bangers. I placed the Odd Couple ahead of Korruption because of their victory over the Shirewolves. Above the Line did not last long enough. Had they struck around longer, they surely would have been in the top 5, maybe the top 3.

This was one of the few times that we have seen Shazam back on their heels, but the fact that they were still able to come back and get the win should finally put to bed the question of which team is best of all time.

Big Titans this week. Free-4-All is tomorrow and is always one of the best events of the year.

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