Marry Me

I have had Marry Me on my list of 2022 movies to watch for quite awhile now. I was not interested in watching this movie while it was in the theaters, but once it started streaming on Peacock, I figured it would be just a matter of time.

I have become a huge fan of Owen Wilson since his turn as Moebius in the Loki series. He remains charming in this film. Jennifer Lopez is absolutely gorgeous and remarkably talented.

Marry Me is completely ridiculous and about as improbably as you are going to find, yet there is something about this rom-com that makes it enjoyable. If you think about this as a fairy tale/fantasy instead of a regular rom-com, it helps.

J-Lo played an international pop superstar Kat who is planning on a social media sensational wedding with her boyfriend Bastian (Maluma). Normal teacher Charlie (Owen Wilson) wound up at the wedding concert with his daughter (Chloe Coleman) and his friend (Sarah Silverman). Just prior to the wedding, Kat discovered Bastian had an affair with her assistant. She came out on stage and spoke to the world about the problems, and she spotted Charlie holding a “Marry Me” sign, (her new big single) and she called him up and they got married.

It turned into a whole publicity stunt, but the pair of them began to grow closer as they learned about who the other person was.

I have to say, the ending was surprisingly effective. Was it overly sentimental? Maybe. It is just a couple of likeable characters who you want to see get together. It is far from a perfect movie, but I liked watching it.

The music was good. Sure, it is not the type of music that I would listen to on a regular basis, but in this context, the music was enjoyable. Jimmy Fallon had a funny cameo. It worked as a rom-com.

I am glad I finally got around to Marry Me. For what it is worth, it is a fun time in a movie that shouldn’t work at all.

3.3 stars

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