The Boys S1 E2-4


There were some serious events that happened in these three episodes. It has been a great three episode arc so far. The capture and eventual murder of Translucent, the race for A-Train, the failed attempt to save the hijacked airplane, blackmail of a Senator by a shape shifter, Popclaw popping the head of her landlord with her vagina…

Yeah, that one was shocking.

The team of Butcher, Frenchie, Hughie gained a fourth member with Mother’s Milk. The four of them were investigating A-Train and his use of a performance enhancer called Compound-V. Meanwhile, Hughie is getting closer to Annie, aka Starlight while he was having guilt and flashes to some of the things that he had done.

This continues to be a fantastic deconstruction of the superhero genre and it is doing it with some excellent characterization and storytelling. Vought’s efforts to get superheroes allowed to join the military of the United States, all led by Elisabeth Shue keeps one wondering what is going to happen next. Hughie is getting further away from the supervillain that I thought he might become after episode one.

There is a new and mysterious woman involved heavily in episode 4. She was very brutal and violent, tied somehow to the Compound-V.

The Deep has gone from a horrible sexual predator in episode one to a comedic presence with one of the most unbelievably chaotic scenes of the series involving an attempted escape of a dolphin from a water park. I couldn’t believe what I was watching.

There really are a ton of irons in the fire. I haven’t even mentioned the continued behavior of Homelander, who feels as if he is heading toward big bad status of the series.

This has been excellent so far and I am excited to see where it goes next. There are a lot of storylines underway and I expect that they will intersect before too long.

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