The Boys S1 E5-6


Episode 5 took a huge dive into religion, especially Christianity. Starlight went to speak to the Believe Expo in her home town and to see Ezekiel, a preacher (who we saw in a bar scene in a homosexual encounter) who is also a supe who can stretch. Starlight delivered a speech standing up for herself and making her points about how she did not believe in the messages that were being preached at the Believe Expo.

Hughie came to the Believe Expo as Starlight’s guest, but he had a separate assignment. He had to go to Ezekiel and blackmail him to reveal everything that he knew about Compound-V.

There is a ton of great character moments here too. We learn some info on Rebecca Saunders Butcher (Butcher’s missing, presumed dead wife), Maeve was having some problems, and we started seeing some signs of Homelander had some kind of issue with Madelyn Stillwell’s baby. It looked later in the episode that the answer is that Homelander was Stillwell’s son.

With the info from Ezekiel, Butcher and MM found their way to a hospital where they discovered that they were injecting babies with Compound-V to give them super powers. There was a ridiculous use of a baby with laser beam eyes.

Black Noir battled the Asian woman and left her dead…except she did not die. She healed. However, Popclaw did not heal since A-Train killed her by injecting her with heroin.

Episode 6 Vought began to attempt to revitalize the image of the Seven through a series of vignettes.

The episode had more wonderful character moments including

  • Learning the Asian woman’s name (Kimiko) and her back story
  • Mesmer, a psychic, helped reveal her past and then betrayed them to Homelander
  • We learned what had happened to Becca Butcher
  • The Deep was revealed as the sexual abuser of Starlight to the public
  • Frenchie and Kimiko continued to bond
  • Starlight dropped out of view, hiding out with Hughie
  • Hughie and Annie bond, but Butcher played cockblocker
  • Starlight stood up to Stillwell
  • Vought is making Compound-V boosted terrorists to push militarization of supers

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