The Boys S2 E1


After binging the first season yesterday, I started season two of The Boys tonight in what is going to be more extended of a time frame. The story continued with all of the favorite character from season one still around and stuck deep in their individual troubles,

The Boys, aka Hughie, Frenchie, MM and Kimiko are on the run, hiding out from a public that sees them as the most wanted fugitive in the country. We do not see Butcher at this time and they struggle to try an determine exactly what their next step will be.

Meanwhile, Homelander has started to assume more of an alpha male role at Vought since he killed Stillwater. The world at large believes that Butcher killed Stillwater with his bomb, even though we all know that Homelander was the actual killer. There was no mention of Becca Butcher and her son’s living status. We see her eight near the end, but we have no idea what has happened from the cliffhanger at the end of season 1 episode 8.

I’m just here to say… I want more Black Noir.

We see more of the downward spiral of The Deep, living in Ohio. The Deep had another minor breakdown at a water park and wound up in a jail cell. When he was bailed out by another minor hero, Eagle the Archer, who brought The Deep back to his place and introduced him to what looked to be a super hero cult, The Church of the Collective.

We meet our newest member of the Seven with Stormfront. That was after Homelander rejected a potential new member who was blind with super hearing. And rejected in a extremely vicious manner.

This show is incredibly violent as always, including another head exploding in this episode, and The Boys continue to be excellent. I do worry a little bit about the story continuing to be “we’ve got to find the Compound-V” again this year. It feels like this was played out by the end of season 1, but I am here to see what the series has in store for me.

Of course, the episode ended with Billy Butcher back and rejoining the Boys. What happened to him? Where has he been? He does not look any worse for the wear. I guess we’ll find out next episode.

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