The Boys S1 E7-8


Ah, Elisabeth Shue, we hardly knew ya.

The Boys have two sides to the same psychopathic coin in Homelander and Billy Butcher. Neither of them are heroes in this series. Butcher may have been with our protagonists, but he was more of a conflict among them than he was another protagonist. I love Karl Urban, but truthfully, I found myself tired of him by these episodes too.

Meanwhile, Hughie showed us what a character who was easy to root for, an underdog who was likeable and provided us with a heroic individual. He wouldn’t even leave A-Train to die on the ground after the heart attack. Even Starlight considered just leaving him there, but Hughie refused to just let him die.

I’m not sure I loved the ending of the series. It felt as if there was a huge switch between episode 7 and episode 8 without a lot of explanation.

I also guess my thought that Elisabeth Shue was Homelander’s mother was incorrect, since she had sex with him. I kept waiting for her to drop the incest angle, but it did not happen.

The whole “Butcher’s wife is still alive” twist at the end was interesting. It feels kind of cruel, but in the best way possible.

The Deep is truly paying the karma back over the last few episodes, including getting a feel of what it is like to be on the other end of the sexual assault.

I am looking forward to see where season two takes me. I will be starting that some time this week.

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