The Boys S3 E1


I checked in at Amazon Prime tonight, knowing that some times they drop premiere early and there was The Boys Season 3, Episode 1 waiting to be watched.

The streaming site were scheduled to drop the first three episodes of the new season of The Boys on June 3rd and then go weekly after that. I loved getting a chance to see the first episode early (to be honest, I could go on to two, but I’m saving that until tomorrow).

What a wild beginning.

Do you all remember around the time of Avengers: Endgame when there was such an outcry on social media and the internet wanting Paul Rudd’s Ant Man to fight Thanos by climbing inside his butt and then going full size? Well, it may not be Thanos, but we do get an idea of what it might have been like in the opening sequence of The Boys.

The Boys has not lost its crude and graphic nature since season two is all I will say about the arrival of the super named Terminte.

After picking my jaw up off the ground of that opening, The Boys settled into the concept that appeared to be the throughline for season three, and that is the fact that Highlander is cray cray.

They kept poking the mean puppy too as Stan Edgar appointed Starlight as Co-Captain of the Seven and he did not care what Highlander thought. Add that to the fact that he has lost his son, he is having his decision making ability questioned for having fallen in love with a Nazi (in season two) and having to go around to all of the talk shows to constantly explain himself… well, you can see how the stress might be getting to him. Heck, it is not like Highlander was the cover boy for sanity in the first place.

Billy Butcher has had a rough year too. He has been playing by all the rules and having to answer to Hugh in Hugh’s new position with the Federal Bureau of Superhuman Affairs’ (FBSA). Of course, Hugh works for Victoria Neuman, who makes people’s head explode. A secret that she does not keep from Hugh for long. I’m curious to see what Hugh does now that he was being showered with blood and guts from Victoria’s latest kill. Unbeknownst to her, Hugh saw everything.

Going back to Butcher, he has a few vials of the new temporary drug that gives someone super powers for 24 hours. He may have found his key to taking on Highlander without dying.

The Deep wrote a book…sort of… well, ghost writers wrote it. Then, A-Train came into conflict with Highlander, showing us all that you should never mumble insults under your breath about a man with super hearing.

And we will soon be getting.. Soldier Boy!

Excited to see the next couple of episodes tomorrow.

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