The Boys S3 E2


The Only Man in the Sky

Episode two of season three really built on the fallout of the first episode… in a big way.

The knowledge that Victoria Neuman was the “head-popper” sent Hughie into an existential crisis, doubting everything he had done in the last year of his life and sending him into a spiral.

The insecurities and grief drove Butcher to continue his investigation into the death of Soldier Boy by confronting Soldier Boy’s former teen sidekick, Gunpowder, and using the V-23 to give him powers. Those powers leading Butcher into murdering Gunpowder in the typically gruesome manner that we have become accustomed to.

MM is having his issues as well as the talk around Soldier Boy apparently is triggering for him. He realized that he had to do something after losing control in front of his daughter.

But this was the combination of everything that has been going on in Highlander’s life that was the real highlight of “The Only Man in the Sky.” Highlander’s birthday special was being planned and he continued to get crazier and crazier. News of Stormfront’s suicide (by biting off her own tongue, ewww) hit him hard as did the constant pressure from the crowd, his dwindling numbers, Starlight’s continual rise in the ranks, Stan’s disrespect all blurred together to finally send the “hero” off the deep end and spew his vitriol live on television during his birthday celebration. It was a shocking moment that has been building truly for all three seasons.

You could almost hear the Vought P.R. department bouncing off the walls. It was a stunning monologue from a man whose image has meant more to him than just about anything. This was finally the true Homelander coming out for the world to see… not the processed, managed hero that had been carefully crafted for public consumption.

I am anxious to see where the show goes from here.

Also, the show felt extremely topical this episode because the fact that Gunpowder was speaking at a gun show/convention, proclaiming the far right ideas of gun ownership and gun rights and promoting for the Vaught Rifle Association. It felt way too real with the tragic occurrences we have been facing over the last month with the barrage of mass shootings and the desire of many for this to be the time that changes the culture. That scene with Payback was difficult to watch, but placed the character into our understanding right away.

Episode three is also dropped on Amazon Prime today and then it will go into a weekly release schedule.

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