The Boys S3 E3


“Barbary Coast”

The third episode of The Boys Season 3 was released on Amazon Prime along with episode 1 & 2 and just like every episode has plenty of amazing moments and shocks.

“The bold and the batshit” was a line dropped by MM in this episode and it absolutely feels like a perfect description of what we get.

Highlander’s crazy rant at his birthday party last episode has made him MORE popular among the people (particularly white males). I should have seen that coming. Highlander is our Trump in this series where the worse he gets, the more his base loves him. Suddenly now, Highlander has a new upswing in his attitude as he is filled with confidence and bravado. So much so that Highlander announced on the decision show for the reality show American Hero, that he and Starlight were in love … #Homelight.

We get our first look at Jensen Ackles’s Soldier Boy in a flashback to a mission where the original super team, Payback, was involved in Ronald Reagan’s Iran-Contra situation. Soldier Boy was believed to have been killed and taken by the Russians. Meanwhile, several of Payback were killed or injured. Black Noir was there and we get a little bit about how he was scarred. I have wanted more about Black Noir the whole series and I love that we are getting info on him.

Butcher is still suffering from using the V-23 last episode. Continually puking green vomit, Butcher tried to keep Ryan safe by turning on the kid and making him hate Billy. Butcher made himself look like a real asshole.

The Deep is back in the Seven, thanks to Highlander’s mind games and attempts to show Starlight who had the real power. However, the scene later where Highlander forces The Deep to eat a living squid (who was begging for his life, to Deep who was the only person to hear it) was horrible. His name was Timothy, and Highlander forcing him to eat Timothy to prove his loyalty was absolutely rotten.

Highlander is really feeling himself as the master manipulator and is taking his newly found leverage a whirl. He had even dared Starlight to release the tape of him on the plane. He believed it would not matter any more and that the public would still love him.

Next week the show will continue as there are 5 more episodes of season 3 coming.

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