Ted Lasso Season 2


This morning I finished off the second season of Ted Lasso on Apple TV + and I have to say that my life goal as of right now is that I want to be more like Ted Lasso. I want to be able to rip off constant pop culture references within sharp banter while being unbelievably respect to everyone. Ted Lasso’s dialogue is one of my absolutely favorite parts of this series and Jason Sudeikis delivers it perfectly.

We also were introduced to my favorite new character of season two with Dr. Sharon Fieldstone (played by Sarah Niles). Her arc with Ted as he recounted the reasons behind his panic attacks is just tremendous and her no nonsense approach made me love her so much more. In fact, when she was hit by the car while on her bicycle, I audibly gasped and would have been pissed off if she had died from the accident. Thankfully she did not and she remained. I am still upset that she left the team as of the season’s end.

I loved the whole season, but there was one episode that just did not do it for me. Episode nine, entitled “Beard After Hours,” followed Coach Beard after he left Wembley Stadium and got involved into a series of strange adventures that reminded me of the old episodes of Moonlighting when Mrs. DiPesto and Herbert Viola would have their own solo episodes. Those episodes were fine, but they were what you turned on Moonlighting for. You wanted Dave and Maddie, not Agnes and Bert. While I like Coach Beard as a character, I was not interested in this episode, even though the things that happened to Beard were fun and original.

I loved the relationship between Roy and Keeley but I was not happy where they were at the end of the season. I kept rooting for Roy to pop the question, but it did not happen. I found the confession episode where Roy and Keeley told each other all of the details of what was happening to them in connection to their love life. I want them together.

The relationship between Rebecca and Sam was interesting and brought some fascinating depth to the show. Sam brought out a lot of his character, much more than we had seen before.

Nate’s turn to the dark side was remarkably well done and he will be a very fascinating villain for season three.

Diamond Dogs! Woof Woof Woof Woof Woof

I love this show because they consistently take this show in different directions. I was sure that Ted and Rebecca were going to develop into a relationship. I thought that was the obvious route they were going to take, but there has been no sign of that happening. They have just created one of the best male-female friendships there is on TV. This show avoids clichés and tropes better than any show I think I have ever watched.

I can not wait until season three comes.

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