Only Murders in the Building S2 E5


“The Tell”

Only Murders in the Building has become one of my must sees right away. I have fallen in love with this series and I love our three main characters played by Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez. They have tremendous chemistry with one another and with any other characters that may show up during their investigation of the season’s mystery.

The writing is always top notch and clever as can be and I do not see the twists coming as I do for most other shows where the mystery is not as well developed.

Of course, this season is the murder of Bunny and she casts her ample shadow over the show. It seemed as if the patron of the Arconia’s murder is tied to a ton of secrets in our main characters past, or even current, lives.

In a fun segment called “Son of Sam” which featured a card game where Oliver passed out cards and tried to figure out who was the killer among the room filled with innocent blondes. We see him playing this game early in the episode back in the 1970s (including Nathan Lane) and he pulls the same routine at a present day party trying to get info about Cara Delevingne, whose character is currently dating Mabel.

Interestingly enough, Jan, from her jail cell, pointed her finger at an artist as the killer of Bunny. I have to say that the odd connection that Charles seems to still be encouraging is a tad uncomfortable. I thin it is meant to be and to highlight how lonely Charles actually is for a relationship beyond his friends.

The whole Cara Delevingne story revealed that she had been lying about herself to Mabel, but that she had nothing to do with the murder, the latest red herring that this show does an admirable job of setting up. However, I think there is more to this suspect that what we have seen so far and I am not ready to count her as not guilty. She may not be the killer, but there is more to this than we know.

The big reveal of the episode was implying that Oliver was not the actual father of his son, Will, and that Will was a result of an affair between Oliver’s wife Roberta and Teddy Dimas. We saw the pair sitting together at that murder mystery party we flashed back to in the 1970s. This was quite a bombshell and could be extremely painful for Oliver moving forward.

With this episode focused mainly on Martin Short at the center of the show, while the other two cement or reignite relationships with other people, Oliver gives us a really strong character portrait and sets us up for what could be a terrible smack when Oliver and Will learn the truth.

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