Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities S1 E1

“Lot 36”

So I have decided to dedicate some time to watch the new anthology series on Netflix from Guillermo del Toro, Cabinet of Curiosities. Dedicating time to a new series can be a daunting task because of the time issue, especially with Netflix because the series are usually all dropped at once in the binge format. I am going to try to watch this on a regular basis and not binge it. Maybe every few days I will hit another episode, trying to stretch this out over a few weeks.

This could work well considering the show is an anthology show and every episode is a different story and not a continuation.

The first episode featured the wonderful Tim Blake Nelson and one of my former favorites from General Hospital, Sebastian Roché. Tim Blake Nelson played an ex-vet who buys storage lockers to try and make money from the salvage to pay off some debts. He comes across a certain unexpected object in the storage locker that brought him much more than he thought.

This was a fun start to the series. It takes some weird twists in the storyline that I did not expect during the first act. I guess I should have anticipated that with Guillermo del Toro in the directors seat. He has always been one to work with the creepy end of the spectrum and this is no different.

I will say that the ending to the episode kind of came too quickly. As it was building up during the show, it took a weird switch and then was done. It did feel rushed at the end.

I did like a lot of this show and I am looking forward to continuing watching this anthology series.

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