Batman and Superman: Battle of the Super Sons

I have mostly enjoyed the DC Animated movies that come out in the direct-to-video market, but I have always found them to be a little cheap. What i mean by that is in many of them, the animation was nowhere near the levels that the stories deserved and brought the level of video down on many different occasions.

That problem may be in the rear view mirror now. The latest animated movie from DC Animation was Batman and Superman: Battle of the Super Sons, which featured the sons, Jonathan Kent and Damien Wayne, of the World’s Finest, Batman and Superman.

These characters have been involved in DC Comics for several years now and Damien Wayne has been included in some of the Batman animated movies over the last few years. This, however, is the debut of Jonathan Kent in the films.

Battle of the Super Sons gave us the details of Jonathan Kent gaining his powers, learning the truth about his father’s secret identity, and being introduced to Damien as Batman was analyzing Jonathan to see what powers he may have or will develop.

Jonathan Kent is voiced by Jack Dylan Grazer (of It Chapter One and Shazam fame) and Damien is voiced by Jack Griffo. Grazer, who has appeared in some major films, brings a real light-hearted and enthusiasm to Jonathan. Damien Wayne is a dramatically complex character, which is only touched on here. The pair of these young heroes are the selling point of this movie and they are truly great together. As much fun as it is to see Superman and Batman team up, the new generation is just as fun.

And what of the animation? This is the first fully CGI animated movie from DC and it is fabulous. I really enjoyed the look of this movie and it made this feel more important than some of the other DC animated films.

The story does not go too deep and it does not explore the characters with much focus, but the movie is still really fun and does a solid job of portraying Starro as the major villain once again (after the turn by the starfish in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad).

Other voice actors included in the film were Troy Baker, Travis Willingham, Laura Bailey, Nolan North, Darin DePaul, Tom Kenny, and Myrna Velasco.

A simple story can still be well done and fully entertaining if done well and Batman and Superman: Battle of the Super Sons is done very well. It was engaging, funny, and had some wholesome characterization between two young characters that are at teh different end of the spectrum and yet work great as friends.

I want more DC films like this.

4.4 stars

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