R.I.P.D: Rise of the Damned

I am not sure who was demanding a sequel to R.I.P.D, the 2013 supernatural adventure/comedy based on a 1999 comic book by Peter Lenkov, but it is here now, on Netflix.

R.I.P.D was a huge flop even with the great cast of Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges in the film. Sadly, the sequel does not even have that benefit as neither Reynolds or Bridges have returned for the new film. In fact, there is only one character that returned from the original- Roicephus “Roy” Pulsipher.

This was a prequel, telling the story about how Roy(Jeffrey Donovan), the character played by Jeff Bridges in the first film, became a part of the RIPD and the first case he had back on earth with Jeanne (Penelope Mitchell) to prevent the Deados, led by the villainous Otis (Richard Blake) from opening a barrier between earth and Hell.

This was a stupid movie. The story was full of silly dialogue, ridiculous situations and half-baked characters. Jeffrey Donovan was decent as Roy. Had there been better everything around him, I could see myself liking him. The special effects were clearly on a budget, meaning that they were not great.

The story was a Western but only used that for the most basic, stereotypical tropes of the genre.

I can’t imagine that there will be any further sequels in the RIPD franchise after this waste of a movie. It truly is well past time for this franchise to rest in peace.

1.3 stars

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