Cate Blanchett is truly one of the greatest living actors that we have.

Tár is a nearly three hour character study with Cate Blanchett at the heart of virtually every moment of the movie. Simply put, this film is not viable without her.

If I am being honest, Tár is not a personal favorite movie of mine, but the performance by Cate Blanchett elevated it into a positive watch.

This movie is a biopic about the fictional composer-conductor Lydia Tár, her rise as the first female chief conductor at the Berlin Philharmonic to her rapid free fall from grace through a series of unsettling events.

Directed by Todd Field, his first directorial job since 2006’s Little Children, Tár followed Lydia as she tried to maintain her position despite the troubles of life getting in the way.

Cate Blanchett is transcendent as Lydia Tár. You believe everything that Lydia is facing and, even when she seemingly is having struggles with her own mental stability, or times when she is showing what an unlikable person she was, you find it difficult to dismiss her.

While this film is long, it did flow fairly well. It did not feel like it was a three hour movie. If you are a person interested in the art of acting, this was a masterclass from one of the best actors we have working today. It is a perfect example of how a performance can make a film better than it was. Field said that the film would not have been made if Cate Blanchett was not interested in it. That is quite the compliment.

Expect to see Cate Blanchett’s name during Oscar season.

3.5 stars

One thought on “Tár

  1. This sounds really interesting, and I liked Todd Fields’ movies ‘Little Children’ and ‘In the Bedroom.’ You always know with him you’re getting a fairly traumatic watch, though.


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