The Don’t Feed the Trolls: Insane Internet Rage Scandal of the Year

The world of entertainment today can be a harrowing place. The fact that there are people online, on Twitter, on other social media platforms who believe it is okay to rant and rave about specific details of a movie, TV show or piece of pop culture content.

So to “honor” these Trolls, we here at EYG have instituted the Don’t Feed the Trolls: Insane Internet Rage Scandal of the Year Award into our Year In Review Awards.

Previous winners:

The Don’t Feed the Trolls: Insane Internet Rage Scandal of the Year

Previous Winner:  Baby Yoda eats frog’s eggs (2020), Masters of the Universe: Revelations part one (2021)

2022 had one that absolutely jumped to the forefront of the list because there was so much rage about it. It is sad that a lot of the undercurrent of the rage comes from serious issues such as misogamy and the anti-woke crowd, but this was clearly the standout of the crazy this year.

2022 winner: She-Hulk: Attorney at Law

The Disney + Marvel studios series received so much anger about so many things that it was difficult to remember them all. The CGI triggered several people. The fact that is was a female Hulk drove some mad. The lack of any true “big bad” in the season made many angry. Jennifer Walters did not “earn” her Hulk powers. The episodes were too short. She broke the fourth wall. They ruined the Intelligencia. This was the absolute end of Marvel Studios and the Disney + series are just the next step in the M-She-U.

And, of course, the haters couldn’t just not watch. They had to watch, spew their hatred on Twitter and make YouTube clickbait videos about how terrible the show was.

What was even funnier was that the show knew what kind of buttons it would be pushing and made their series’ villain the Trolls, showing made up Tweets that echoed the real life ones that would come after. The Intelligencia literally ran a hate web site about She-Hulk on the show.

Although everyone has the right to dislike whatever they choose, there were plenty of people who decided this was going to be the worst thing ever before it even aired. It’s okay if you watched the show and decided that it was not for you. Maybe you did not like the humor. Maybe the CGI took you out of it. Maybe you wanted a more consistent throughline of a plot. Though are all reasonable, but it seemed as if people kept watching it so they could hate on it more. Every Thursday evening/Friday morning after the newest episode was dropped on the streaming site videos would pop up on YouTube promoting how bad the show was would appear from the same content creators each week.

Then, don’t get me started on Daredevil’s appearance. People was mad that Daredevil wasn’t showing up. Then they were mad that Marvel Studios ruined Daredevil. Then they were mad that he did not appear more. He had a new costume. He fought with She-Hulk. The WALK OF SHAME!!!! How could they ruin Daredevil like that?

I thought She-Hulk: Attorney at Law was a fun series with some great characters and a top notch actor in Tatiana Maslany as its lead. We had guest stars in Wong, Hulk, Daredevil, Abomination among others. I loved the 4th wall breaks and I think the finale was the most original finale of the year with the appearance of K.E.V.I.N. at Marvel Studios.

I look forward to She-Hulk’s future in the MCU knowing that the Trolls will have plenty to eat upon.

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