YouTube- Year in Review

2022 continued to have a lot of entertainment on YouTube. From weekly game shows to movie reviews and reactions to talking head shows, YouTube has, once again, featured a ton of hours of content.

The following is the top 20 YouTube shows, which varies from all the different types of shows.

#20, Jamel-AKA-Jamal. Reactions to music, movie trailers, Whose Line is it Anyway etc. I know he spent a chunk of the year struggling with the YouTube rules, but he is tremendously charismatic and fun to watch.

#19. Mr. Lloyd Reacts. Another reaction show. I started watching him because of his Weird Al reactions and I have enjoyed his intelligent and engaging comments.

#18. The Movie Couple. Wendy and Dustin. A married couple who do reviews and reactions. I enjoyed their take on severa of the Marvel Disney + shows as well as Stranger Things 4.

#17. For Whatever Reason. Another reaction channel that I started to watch because of some Weird Al reactions. Aaron had some real excellent work going through Al’s discography and he showed a lot of emotion during it.

#16. Heroes Reforged. Adam, Hector and Agustin react to plenty of my favorite shows as well. Hector brings a ton of knowledge with comics and the three of them are fun to watch.

#15. Late to the Party. Started with Late to the Party as a Schmoedown reaction channel and they have since expanded into another show that I look for after watching my favorite shows. Robert and Vanessa bring their won natural chemistry to the video.

#14. Dan Murrell. Dan has been a personal favorite for years (back as far as Movie Fights) and he brings a well spoken and intelligent opinion on movies and pop culture. I do enjoy checking in with his weekly Charts with Dan show focused on the box office. Dan is one of the best.

#13. FYC. For Your Consideration is Scott Mantz, Perri Nemiroff, and Jeff Sneider debate, discuss and list Academy Award nominations and predictions (and Emmy Awards this year too). Scott, Perri and Jeff have the utmost respect for each other and they show how three people can have disagreements on he internet and still be respectful.

#12. Alex Hefner’s TV & Movie Vault. A newer reaction show that I got involved with deeply as Alex reacted to the MCU movies. I have enjoyed his reactions to other films such as Alien, Back to the Future and John Wick. However, the Marvel Movies Mondays are what got me into Alex’s channel.

#11. Fatman Beyond. This one has slipped a bit from last year, but the schedule of Fatman Beyond has been inconsistent. The fact that Kevin Smith is very busy has been an issue with the show. I also feel bad for Kevin with the amount of internet rage he has received. It felt as if it was getting to him for awhile. Still, Kevin and Marc Bernardin have great chemistry and a re very funny together.

#10. Ashleigh Burton. I have loved Ashleigh’s reactions to the movies that she had never seen. She is funny and so engaged by everything she watches. She has a beautiful cat named Beans too. She has also been going through the movies of the MCU and her energy is infectious.

#9. New Rockstars. Eric Voss and the group at New Rockstars are one of the top breakdown channels around. They look deep into movies, trailers, TV shows and come up with some of the best theories around. And then there was Mephisto…

#8. The Movie Trivia Schmoedown. Last year, this was number one. Unfortunately, this year saw the end of the MTS. There was still some great trivia matchups on the year, especially featuring the final champion Samm Levine. It was a sad end for one of the best internet shows of all time. Sadly, the MTS wing of the EYG Hall of Fame both opened and closed this year.

#7. The John Campea Show. A group of people, including John Campea and Robert Meyer Burnett, sit around and discuss the key movie and TV news. Sometimes I find Campea’s opinions irritating and repetitive, but I can always respect them.

#6. The Geek Buddies. The. Geek. Buddies! AAAAAAAAAAAAA. A show upon John Rocha’s Outlaw Nation channel features John and two of his friends, Michael Vogel and Shannon McClung discuss pop culture and review movies, TV shows and trailers. Vogel and McClung bring a new energy and comedic opinion to Rocha’s ideas. They are friends and they have a lot of fun together.

#5. The Top 10 Show. John Rocha and Matt Knost have been doing the Top 10 for several years. I will say that it has slipped a little for me, but I still enjoy watching the pair debate about what movie is the number one on their lists.

#4. Ups and Downs. What Culture Wrestling’s top show, featured Simon Miller and the ‘finger of power” that gives the good bits an up and the bad bits a down. Simon reviews all the shows of the world of wrestling and it helps make me feel all warm and fuzzy in my tum-tum. Simon is funny and is an extremely Positive Pete.

#3. The Reel Rejects. Welcome to the citizens of the Reject nation. Greg Alba and John Humphreys are the main commenters (though we sometimes get Coy Jandreau too). They react to movies, tv shows, trailers, and even other YouTube videos. Greg and John have a great chemistry and bring a lot of fun and humor while still having very intelligent conversation.

#2. Settle the Score. Host Matt Knost and musical director Andy Merryweather have shot up this list with their movie music show, Settle the Score. Initially, I would watch episodes that contained contestants that I knew, but now I look forward to the new episode every Thursday. Merryweather is amazingly talented musician and Knost is funny and quick witted as the host.

#1. Preview’d. It’s Jay…and Adam…it’s Preview’d. My favorite reactors on the YouTube verse, Jay and Adam are two friends who have amazing chemistry and whose humor and banter, full of puns and jokes, make their reactions entertaining. And when Jay and Adam cry… well, it’s a good day. Jay and Adam are emotional and full of a wonderful energy. I love watching the two of them. Last year, Preview’d was number two… and this year… they take the top spot.

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