The Spider-Man 3 Disappointment of the Year

Unlike when I was compiling the list for the Gomer Award, when I was looking for the disappointing film of the year, I was having a hard time finding them. I did eventually come up with six possible choices.

The Spider-Man 3 Disappointment of the Year 

Previous Winners:  In the Heart of the Sea, The Snowman, Amazing Spider-Man 2, After Earth, Dark Knight Rises, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Batman v. Superman, Christopher Robin, IT: Chapter Two, Tenet, Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins

Runners-Up: The film that ALMOST won this award was Morbius. The only thing about this was I kind of expected it to be bad and that is what eventually happened. The School for Good and Evil was a show on Netflix that I thought was going to be the new generation of Harry Potter. I guess not. Shudder had a film with a character of Edgar Allan Poe called Raven’s Hollow. I love Poe, but this was terrible. Disney’s remake of Pinocchio with Tom Hanks was such a wash. The final runner-up was Jurassic World’s Dominion, which took these dinosaurs, which was across the whole world, and stuck them on an island where our heroes had to try an escape…just like all of them. This could have been an epic conclusion to the series and it just fell flat.

This year’s Spider-Man 3 Disappointment of the Year is…

Halloween Ends

I had gotten excited for this by seeing the trailer. Then, the movie they provided was nothing like the trailer until the last 15 minutes or so. It felt more like a reboot of the series than a finale of the series. The ending with Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie vs. Michael seemed tacked on to another film.

Very disappointing

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