The John Carter Memorial Award

The John Carter Memorial Award goes to the biggest flop of the year. A flop does not necessarily mean that the movie is poor. It just means that the film was not a financial success, whether it lost money or whether it didn’t make as much as they thought it should have.

John Carter Memorial Award

Previous winners:  John Carter, Alice Through the Looking Glass, The Lone Ranger, A Million Ways to Die in the West, Expendables 3, Jem and the Holograms, Pan, Rock the Casbah, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, Robin Hood (2018), Mortal Engines, Playmobil: The Movie, The Rhythm Section, Reminiscence 

In fact, this year is the first time that I am presenting the John Carter Memorial Award to a film that I gave a positive review.

Before we go into that…

Runners-Up: I thought that Morbius was going to win this award. It was a flop twice. Once at the original release and the second time when they thought that the whole meme meant people wanted to see it again. Still, we got a much worse film later. Lightyear did not do well. It was not promoted very well and people were confused. I liked Lightyear though. Fantastic Beasts: Secret of Dumbledore was yet another flop in this series. The Northman was another film that did not quite find the audience that it wanted.

The John Carter Memorial

Award for 2022 goes to…

Strange World

Strange World was a really good movie for me. However, it was not a success monetarily. It is expected to lose upward of $100 million dollars. People did not know what this movie was about. The promotion of Strange World was just terrible, hiding items that they should have been front and center in trailers. They thought that this was an animated Disney flick and that would be enough to attract the audience. It was not. How many people just decided to stay home and wait for it on Disney +?

It only made 12 million in its opening weekend during Thanksgiving and then dropped 60% in week two. There is no two ways around it, Stranger World, even though I enjoyed the film myself, it the John Carter Memorial Award winner of 2022.

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