I Think We’re Alone Now (2018)

Day: January 14th, Movie: 14

During my search for potential Genre-ary Sci-Fi DailyView films, I found this on Hulu and it piqued my curiosity. Peter Dinklage is a solid actor and a good post apocalyptic story is always a fun time. You know what I mean…

Well, I Think We’re Alone Now is nothing really special. It is an okay film that banks on the strength of its main lead actors to carry it through. It just felt as if the promise of potential was unfulfilled.

Del (Peter Dinklage) was a sole survivor of a small town after a worldwide pandemic wiped out human life. Del believed he was alone and went about his life, clearing out houses and burying the dead. One night, Del saw fireworks and realized that there maybe someone else out there. The next day, he discovered Grace (Elle Fanning) unconscious in her car. He first does not want her around, but she sticks with him and they bond.

While both Peter Dinklage and Elle Fanning are excellent actors and they do good work here, I did not get the romantic feel between them. For most of the film, it felt like they were just two people who were lonely and who spent time together. The romance felt pushed.

The story took a strange turn in the third act which also felt tagged on. There were some interesting ideas introduced, but it seemed like a different movie. Honestly, I found the last part of the movie to be potentially intriguing, but rushed because it showed up at the end and did not have a ton of development throughout. It did not fit into the tale that they were spinning. I did enjoy the arrival of Paul Giamatti though.

This was not the worst film I have seen, but there really isn’t that much here to really remember. I believe that there are better post apocalyptic films that take more risks and are more entertaining. This has two great actors in an average film.

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