Comic Catch-Up #5

Still January 22, 2023

Sunday afternoon had some time available and I had done a touch of organizing. I found Thunderbolts#3 which completed that set. I figured I could do a few more comics today.

Thunderbolts #1-5. Written by Jim Zub and drawn by Sean Izaakse, this five issue series featured a new team of Thunderbolts including Hawkeye, Spectrum, America Chavez, the new Power Man, Gutsen Glory, Persuasion and Eegro. This series felt rushed, though I did really like the characters and the basic story. It was just starting to come together and then it was over. This felt like it should have been 12-issues at least to develop things more. I would buy a regular series featuring these characters, but this felt like it was just not enough.

All-Out Avengers #3-4. I found issue #3 and I read these. Written by Derek Landy and drawn by Greg Land, the problem I had in the first two issues is now the running, behind the scenes storyline. The Avengers were realizing that there was something weird happening with their memories. There have been pretty good stories involving the Avengers and I have to say that I am invested in who is behind what is going on.

Blade: Vampire Nation #1. Written by Mark Russell and art by David Wachter. I found this one dull and uninteresting. Half way through the book I was bored and lost my attention. I like the character of Blade, but this did not do it for me.

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