The Last of Us (1 x 02)



Another powerful episode. The Last of Us on HBO Max is just in its second week, but it has already become a must watch show.

Joel and Tess start their trip to take Elle to the people they were supposed to but they discovered that their path was more chaotic than they had hoped it would be.

This episode truly ramped up the suspense with some close fighting with the Clickers, which looked sensational, by the way.

Tess met her fate here. I have never played the game, but I suspected that Tess would not be long for the world, since I knew that the game was focused on two characters. While we do not see Tess get bitten, we do see her sacrifice herself to help give Joel and Elle a chance to get away from the horde. And the “kiss” between Tess and the Stalker was creepy as heck.

The episode began with another flashback, this time in Indonesia. They showed the first known case of infection and how the doctor realized that things were forever changed. When the doctor said the only thing that they could do was to “bomb” was a potent moment.

The Last of Us has so much tension as we see these characters that we have bonded with so quickly going through the horrors Tess’s death was tough to watch and you feel for Joel as he loses yet another person. Elle showed her character with every snarky remark she made.

The visuals of this show are off the charts. The scenes look so great. It must be a green screen, but you would never guess with what they show. The infected look amazing. Everything is going great on this show.

Looking forward to whatever is next.

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