Poker Face (1 x 06)


“Exit Stage Death”

A show about a woman who can tell when people are lying get involved with actors whose very job is to be false.

This episode may have been a touch over the top with Charlie running around trying to figure out what had happened while the play was actually being performed.

Kathleen Townsend and Tim Meadows are our murderous pair of actors, former TV show partners on a buddy cop show. They reunited to perform a play for one night only, and they set up a stage trap door to become a trap.

This whole episode was quite a departure from the other episodes. Charlie is not on screen a lot and the case was spent with more humor than past cases.

I am very happy that the show has been changing the formula up a bit. The general concept is still there, but it has switched up just enough to keep the show from feeling stale.

I would be ready to see Benjamin Bratt to make a reappearance and bring the story back to Charlie. I know that is happening this season so I would be anxious to see Charlie take the lead.

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