The Last of Us (1 x 06)


“The Ties that Bind”

The Last of Us is currently the best show on TV. Without fail. There have been six episodes of the show and each one has been rough, emotionally powerful and filled with character development.

There was a ton of things that happened in this episode. They kicked it off with an older couple that Joel has by gunpoint to try and find information. This older couple was just an awesome pair. They were funny and brought a feeling of cheerfulness. They were so perfect with each other and their inclusion is just so great.

They find Tommy in his little town, Jackson, with his new wife, who is pregnant. They find the location of the Fireflies at the University in Colorado only to find it deserted. Joel gets stabbed and the episode ends on a cliffhanger with the unconscious and bleeding Joel.

We did not see any infected, but I am not missing it because there are still a ton of tension. When the dog was approaching Ellie and Joel thought the dog would smell the infection in her was just a anxiety-driven moment.

Pedro Pascal has been such a great performer in the series, but this was a standout performance for him as there sere several moments where Joel was dealing with his PTSD and trying to talk Tommy into taking Ellie to Colorado in his place. The scene between Joel and Ellie when he was telling her they were splitting the next morning was exceptional. Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey are amazing together and they both bring a realness and a connection to Joel and Ellie.

Ellie finds out about Joel’s daughter Sarah and her fate. Joel admits that he cares for Ellie.

Perhaps the only criticism I may have for this show was that there were a lot of things that were sped over. There was a three month time jump and they make it to Jackson, make it to Colorado, make it out of the university, in no time and I think some of this could have been spaced out a little more. I understand there is only so much time available and they are hitting the big points.

I don’t know what could possibly happen next. I can only assume that Joel will not die, but how he is going to survive is anyone’s guess.

Great episode again.

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