Comic Catch-Up #29

February 20, 2023

Happy Presidents’ Day.

Not that the comics I am reading today have anything to do with that. Just thought it would be a nice thing to say.

Moving along…

Iron Fist #5. Written by Alyssa Wong and drawn by Michael Yg. This is the final issue of a five issue limited series featuring the new Iron Fist, who was the recent Swordmaster. I did like this new Iron Fist and I had been enjoying the beginning of this series way back when I first read it. I’m not sure how much of it that I have read, but I thought issue five was a nice jump on spot. Next, I think I have to find A.X.E. Iron Fist #1.

King Conan #3. “The Princess of Golden Ruin”. This is the third part of the arc Conan’s Last Stand at the Edge of the World. Conan came across a princess who was stranded on an island among the dead. She tried to manipulate Conan, but he was having none of it.

The Department of Truth #11. James Tynion IV was the writer and Martin Simmonds was the artist of this issue. This continued the bigfoot storyline that started last issue. This has been my favorite couple of issues of this series because I have always liked the bigfoot. This issue continued with the use of the handwritten journal entries throughout the book. It has been an interesting storytelling technique and is different than other books.

Stillwater #16. “For Eternity“. With this issue, we start looking back at how the mysterious town of Stillwater became the magical place it was. Apparently, it was all centered around Clara. And there turned out to be a dead body in Stillwater. The series is coming to an end and thing are gearing up.

That Texas Blood #15. “Bad News and the Radio Plea” So now we know that this arc, dealing with a serial killer who likes to decapitate his victims. He is known as the Red Queen Killer. The RQK is in Ambrose County and ready to taunt the area while a massive snowstorm is on its way. The look of the RQK is very creepy and makes a great villain for this arc.

Captain Carter #2. Written by Jamie McKelvie and drawn by Marika Cresta. Peggy Carter realizes that the British government may not be the most straightforward group she ever saw. There is a story that is connected to the issue of immigration. Captain Carter became confrontational with the Prime Minister. And there was quite the cliffhanger at the end of this book.

Spider-Man Noir #3. Much like the Iron Fist issue from before, Spider-Man Noir was a limited series that I had started back when it first came out, but did not finish it. This is a great opportunity to read the remainder of the series. I very much like the character of Spider-Man Noir. I hear Nic Cage’s voice as I read Noir’s dialogue. I enjoy this pre-World War II story and how Peter is involved in it. Written by Margaret Stohl and drawn by Juan Ferreyra and Dave Rapoza did the cover art.

Hulk #8. Written by Donny Cates and drawn by Daniel Warren Johnson, this brought the Hulk vs. Thor: Banner of War to a conclusion. I was not a fan of this crossover. I am not sure whether or not this was really needed. I really am not a fan of the current iteration of the Hulk and so that makes this challenging to read.

Thor #27. “Venom of Asgard Part One” Recovering from the Banner War, Thor is hanging around Asgard. Loki arrives with some ideas on how to fix the Rainbow Bridge, that was destroyed by Hulk Thor. We get some kind of version of Venom in the story. Al Ewing wrote the script from a story with Al Ewing and Donny Cates.

Ghost Rider #10-11. Written by Benjamin Percy. Issue #10 was drawn by Cory Smith and David Cutler whereas David Wachter was the guest artist on issue #11. The Johnny Blaze and Talia Warroad pairing continued in the issues and they are able to get past Blackheart. Blaze and Talia take their relationship to another level.

Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #6. Written by Jackson Lanzing & Collin Kelly and the artist was Carmen Carnero. The majority of this book was a huge throw down between Captain America and Bucky Barnes. Cap is trying to stop Bucky from doing what he was intending to do with the Outer Circle and they spent pages of a battle with little to no words. Just imagery. It was very cool and it set up the book I had read previously with Bucky joining the inner circle as the revolution.

Captain America: Symbol of Truth #5. “Homeland Part 5” Written by Tochi Onyebuchi and drawn by R.B. Silva & Julian Shaw, Sam Wilson and T’Challa take each other on over what Sam is trying to do. T’Challa wanted Sam out of Wakanda. Shuri arrived too and she and Sam had a tense staredown. This made one think of the old days of the isolated Wakanda, This was tense.

Moon Knight #3. “Two-Fisted” Written by Jed MacKay and drawn by Alessandro Cappuccio. Moon Knight #3 picked up the pace better from last issue’s okay outing. This was a big confrontation between Moon Knight and the new Fist of Khonsu, Hunter’s Moon. Moon Knight is kicking in this issue.

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