Comic Catch-Up #32

February 22, 2023

As I mentioned earlier today, I planned on doing a second Comic Catch-Up today, since I was out of school because of an ice storm and lacked any sort of intriguing streaming movie or TV show to review.

I did get a bunch of the read books organized and into boxes (or at least as many as I could). This month has made a pretty good dent in the piles of comics I have around the room, but it is still quite a few and I just do not have the needed comic boxes to suffice. It is a continuous progression.

Here is the second post f the day…

Captain America: Symbol of Truth #8. “Pax Mohannda Part 3“. Captain America and Nomad move themselves into Mohannda in an attempt to bring the murderers of the Prime Minister to justice, but they find that there are plenty of explosive opposition. Meanwhile, Falcon has been transformed into something scary and he had taken off before he did anything drastic. Written by Tochi Onyebuchi and drawn by Ig Guara.

Moon Knight #6. “Horoscope, Part 2” After nearly being killed by Zodiac, Moon Knight received help from a source that he did not expect. The story included the origin of Hunter’s Moon, showing us how he would become another Fist of Khonsu. This was written by Jed MacKay and drawn by Alessandro Cappuccio. The cover art was done by Carlos Pacheco, Rafael Fonteriz & Rachelle Rosenberg.

Black Panther #1. “The Long Shadow, Book One” Written by John Ridley and drawn by Juann Cabal. EYG Hall of Famer Alex Ross did the cover art. I have started the Black Panther series with number one. I actually do believe that I read this when it first came out, because there were some familiar aspects to it, but it was good to get a refresh on the book from the beginning.

Black Widow #15. “Die by the Blade Part 4 of 4” This was the conclusion of a Black Widow series that I had enjoyed but had not finished before. Natasha had her arm cut off. Whaaaa? Thankfully, she had some friend along for the ride and that didn’t seem to stop her. This was written by Kelly Thompson and drawn by Elena Casagrande & Rafael T. Pimentel. Jordie Bellaire did the cover art.

Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #8-9. Written by Jackson Lanzing & Collin Kelly and drawn by Carmen Carnero. With these two issues, I am now caught up with this series. Cap is joined by a new group of Invaders in order to try and reclaim Lower Manhattan from AIM. Issue eight featured a guest star appearance from Emma Frost.

The Last Book You’ll Ever Read #2. Written by Cullen Bunn with art from Leila Leiz. The book tour from hell continued as Olivia Cade. This point of the tour seemed to have switched form the violence to more of a engage in carnal acts. I will say that this issue was a little less interesting that the first one. I am curious as to where this will go though.

The Department of Truth #13. Written by James Tynion IV and featuring the artistic skills of Martin Simmonds. This issue really sets up the series to move in a different direction and flips our perception of what was happening. It seemed as if Hawk was a danger to Cole, but perhaps he is the good guy after all? Does that mean that Lee is no what he seemed? I cannot wait to find out.

The Thing #1. “The Next Big Thing, Part 1“. I was sure that I had read the first several issue of this series, but issue one had absolutely no moment that felt like I had seen it before. Ben Grimm is featured in this story at a time during his life. It was prior to his marriage to Alicia but it is not specific about when it is. It is written by Walter Mosely and drawn by Tom Reilly.

Strange Adventures #12. “Dedication and fanaticism” This series from the pen of Tom King had been a fun read for most of it, but I had never finished the last book. This was one of those things that I wanted to complete. I had enjoyed the maxi series, but I have to say that I was not a big fan of the conclusion to the book. A lot about Mister Terrific. The art was done by Mitch Gerads and Evan Shaner.

Basilisk #1. “Down from the Mountains, Chapter One” This was a comic that I remembered reading as I was re-reading this tonight. It was good to get a refresher though as I had not remembered much about it prior to tonight. I do like the character design of this character and she creates quite a mysterious tone. The book was written by Cullen Bunn and drawn by Jonas Scharf.

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