Comic Catch-Up #31

February 22, 2023

Well, it has happened. Ice. I really do hate ice storms. Much more than snow storms.

Of course, this is Wednesday, but with Comic World & Games closed today because of the aforementioned ice, there will be no new comics today. Hopefully, tomorrow?

And there is no school yet again. At this rate, the June Swoon may be threatened.

Because I have all day and not much on streaming to watch, I may do yet another Comic Catch-Up later this afternoon or evening. I have sorted out some more series to start with as I wrapped up a couple of the other ones this morning.

That Texas Blood #16-20. Written by Chris Condon and drawn by Jacob Phillips. This is one of the series that I have now wrapped up. I saw an advertisement for this book in another comic and I decided to give it a chance and I absolutely loved it. Sherriff Joe Bob is one of my favorite characters no matter what age we are seeing him at. This conclusion to the Red Queen Killer storyline was tense, simple and rooted in character. I was so rooting for Lu to escape the clutches of RQK that I hadn’t been so nervous for a supporting character in a long time. I hope we will get more from That Texas Blood at some time in the future.

King Conan #5 & 6. The next book that I wrapped up this morning was Jason Aaron and Mahmud Asrar’s King Conan. King Conan was given quite an effective end, with his battle with Thoth-Amon being extremely dramatic and King Conan II giving a helpful gesture that aided his father extremely well.

Captain Carter #4 & 5. The third series that I finished off today was the Captain Carter series written by Jamie McKelvie and drawn by Marika Cresta. It was a nice finish of this arc for Captain Carter as she had to deal with a couple of vampires attempting to manipulate British politics. I do like this character although I have never been a huge fan of out-of-continuity stories.

Spider-Man Noir #5. Written by Margaret Stohl and drawn by Juan Ferreyra. This was the final book that I finished up this morning by completing the noir tale. I have to say that I found the conclusion of this five-issue story to be a little messy. I definitely preferred the first Spider-Man Noir story to this one. Still, it was fine and I am glad that I revisited the series to complete it.

The Last Book You’ll Ever Read #1. Written by Cullen Bunn and drawn by Leila Leiz. This was one of the books that I organized up this morning. I have issues 1-7 to start with (not sure how many more there have been). This premise is very intriguing as it seems that there is a certain book, written by our main character Olivia Kade, that is bringing out the darker forces of people’s personalities. I am interested to see where this one heads.

Fantastic Four: Road Trip #1. Written by Christopher Cantwell with art from Filipe Andrade. Valerio Giangiordano & Tamra Bonvillain were the artist for the cover. This was a fun, side adventure featuring the Fantastic Four going on vacation as a family to the Grand Canyon, only to see Reed’s obsessive desires to study a meteor crater nearby in Winslow lead to the team coming face to face with their mortality. This was a fun read, featuring the FF in an excellent adventure.

A.X.E.: Iron Fist #1. Written by Alyssa Wong and featuring art from Michael Yg & Marika Cresta. Chris Sotomayor was the cover artist. When I finished the new Iron Fist series a couple of days ago, I saw that this one shot during the Judgment Day storyline continued the story of Lin Lie, the new Iron Fist. This was a very good story, featuring Loki too. I really like how the books have started to write Loki, and this was a great example of it. I do like Lin Lie in this role and how he is different than the Iron Fists that preceded him.

Captain America: Symbol of Truth #7. “Pax Mohannda Part 2.” Sam is dedicated into finding out who killed the Prime Minister and he is determined to lead a mission into Mohannda. The government sticks him with a new partner, since Falcon was “injured.” Look who it is… Nomad aka Ian Rogers, the kid raised by Steve Rogers while he was stranded in Dimension Z. The relationship between Sam and Ian was compelling and the ending with Falcon was shocking. Written by Tochi Onyebuchi and drawn by Ig Guara.

Moon Knight #5. “Horoscope.” This was a cool story with the tale flipping back and forth between Moon Knight pursuing his friend Soldier, who was looking like he was trying to kill Moon Knight, and Moon Knight in a therapy session with his therapist, diving deep into some of the reasons behind why Marc is as he is. There was a lot of good character work in this issue and it ends with a shock. Written by Jed MacKay and drawn by Alessandro Cappuccio.

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