Poker Face (1 x 09)


“Escape from Shit Mountain”

Now that is more like it!

This may have been my favorite episode of Poker Face this entire season. It destroyed the formula that the show had followed and it was all the better for it.

To be fair, the show had been playing with the format of the show for the last few episodes after the first part of the season was starting to feel a little repetitive.

The show still had the big time guest star, this time being Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Instead of Charlie finding herself involved in the life of the victim, she got hit by a car driven by Gordon-Levitt during a snowstorm. Gordon-Levitt took her to a hole in the woods where he had buried an old girlfriend ten years ago and he threw Charlie in with the remains.

Charlie showed an amazing ability to survive. In this episode alone, she dug herself out of the grave with a human femur, survived being stabbed with a knife, and struggled to move around with a badly injured leg.

Charlie was truly amazing here and showed some ferocity that we had not seen this season. She also started talking about the year as a whole being dark and having been followed by death.

The show was also quite brutal as two of the secondary characters of the episode died in horrible ways, including a klepto friend of Charlie’s that she met at a convenience store.

The confrontation with Charlie and Gordon-Levitt was dramatic and tense. I loved every minute of it. The show even made me wonder what was going to happen. When he drove that knife into Charlie, my mouth went agape despite me knowing that they were not going to kill off the main character of the show.

Then, just when it seemed that Charlie was finally out of trouble, Benjamin Bratt arrived, ready to re-spark the story that kicked off the season.

Just a tremendous episode that surpassed the pilot and the episode starring Judith Light.

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