Comic Catch-Up #41

March 3, 2023

It’s Friday night and I have read several comics over the last couple of days. I am going to continue to read these books and when there is enough, I will continue to do the Comic Catch-Up.

I got one of my orders from eBay today with a graphic novel. It will be the first book I discuss below as I continue to find more interest in the Bone Orchard Mythos by Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino.

Off we go…

The Passageway. Writer: Jeff Lemire. Artist: Andrea Sorrentino. This graphic novel kicked off the Bone Orchard Mythos where Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino team-up once again to build a horror book and several horror series that fall inside the same connected universe. That idea intrigued me a great deal and so I looked into the books. This graphic novel is a wonderful kick off to this horror world. The art is great with some beautiful images on these pages. The story is intense. These birds are really creepy. It is a great start to this project.

Ten Thousand Black Feathers #1. Jeff Lemire & Andrea Sorrentino’s The Bone Orchard Mythos continues with this new short series. It starts with am introduction to two characters, Trish and Jackie, and their relationship, how it began and where they went. The darkness is there and the mysterious events are extremely inventive and involving.

Basilisk #2. “Chapter Two: Blessings of the Chimera.” Written by Cullen Bunn and drawn by Jonas Scharf. This issue was a little more of a downward trend for me. I still enjoyed it, but there was a lot in here that felt like I wasn’t sure what was happening (and not in the good way) and material that did not still with me after reading it. Still love the character and the last page was beautifully horrific so I hope the narrative grasps my attention more moving forward.

Jane Foster & the Mighty Thor #4. “Part Four of Five.” Written by Torunn Grønbekk with art from Michael Dowling. Jane Foster continues her search to find Thor and the connection between the pair of these characters is developed more. And while that is going on… we get Ares. Looks like the finale of this short series could be fire.

The Department of Truth #17. Written by James Tynion IV and drawn by Jorge Fornés. Lee Harvey Oswald joins forces with President Richard Nixon. I had to let that idea sink in a minute. The rest of the book focuses in on the Apollo 11 moon landing mission. One of the interesting ideas with The Department of Truth is that you read the story and you are never really sure if what you read is what happened. It is the ultimate conspiracy theory book that is just fascinating with its big swings every issue.

The Riddler Year One #3. Written by Paul Dano with art by Stevan Subic. The cover featured art by the legendary Bill Sienkiewicz. I did have more trouble following this issue than I did with previous ones. I have a feeling I have a good idea where it is going, but I can also see a situation where I misjudged what the book is trying to tell me. It is still a beautifully original book with some great storytelling techniques.

Ghost Rider #12. “Neeropolis.” Written by Benjamin Percy and drawn by Cory Smith. Savannah is going up in flames and it seemed as if the Ghost Rider was to blame. This was news to Johnny Storm, who arrived in the city with Talia discovering that plenty of people thought he was behind this. Blaze had an idea of what had happened… and the idea of another Ghost Rider popped up.

King of Spies #1. Written by Mark Millar and drawn by Matteo Sealera. One of the world’s greatest spies, Roland King, is at a time in his life where he is having health issues. In fact, he had been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and given 6 months to live. Instead of rolling over and dying, Roland decided to take the fight to the evil of the world. Mark Millar writes this type of character extremely well and this first issue of four was very compelling.

Cove the Dead with Lime #3. The story of Jack Teller continues as we see how he wound up becoming one of the hooded plague doktors. It is a terribly tragic tale told in a difficult manner. The art is extremely moody and tense. This has been an intriguing book written by Jonathan Chance and drawn by Hernan Gonzalez.

Love Everlasting #2. “The Hunt for Love.” Written by Tom King and drawn by Elsa Charretier. Joan finds herself in a new love story, this time as a maid who fell in love with the son of the nobleman she worked for. To say that his father approved of the love would be an understatement. Then, as the book continued, the story takes a weird turn. Love Everlasting provided, once more, a compelling and unexpectedly good story. I am very anxious to find out what is going down here.

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