EYG Comic Cavalcade #21

May 9, 2023

I am having a good time finding these independent comics to read that are currently being released. I am waiting for Indigo Children #1 to arrive from eBay, which I ordered after picking up Indigo Children #2 at Comic World during Free Comic Book Day. I’m waiting for Where Monsters Lie #3, but I have #4. I should get back to the Image 30th Anniversary Anthology series. I need to wrap up The Silver Coin. Just a bunch of books to read.

I did get some reading done tonight though, knowing that tomorrow is NEW COMIC BOOK DAY. I do hope that the Great British Bump Off shows up in my box tomorrow.

Here was tonight’s books.

Dark Ride #1-5. Written by Joshua Williamson and illustrated by Andrei Bressan. This is the latest Image Comics book that I picked up to try out, and I really liked it. This started off with a great hook, in black and white, of a man killing and burying his wife. That same man then starts an amusement park centered around horror. What a fun concept and then the book introduces us to a character and kind of hints at him being one of the main characters only to horribly kill him off at the end of issue #1. Loved it. This was just a lot of fun and I am excited to keep reading the series. Have a very creepy Five Nights at Freddy’s vibe.

Middlewest #15-16. Written by Skottie Young and drawn by Jorge Corona. Abel is becoming more confident and starting to organize his friends to set up a plan to escape the slave work that he was trapped in. Not too many more issues of this book and it is clearly working toward a major confrontation with Abel and his father.

The Riddler: Year One #4. Written by Paul Dano and drawn by Steven Subic. The darkness that surrounded the young life of Edward takes an even darker turn in this issue. We see how little Edward could have been saved by Thomas Wayne, but the fates were just against him. I liked this issue more than some of the others. It is really dark.

X-Treme X-Men #4. “Search and Destroy.” Written by Chris Claremont and drawn by Salvador Larroca. The de-powered mutants struggle to keep alive against Ogun. Watching Storm, Rogue, Logan, Gambit battling this deadly assassin Ogun without their powers is impressive. Storm is angered over the (perceived) death of Kitty Pryde and is out for vengeance.

Betsy Braddock: Captain Britain #3. “The Captain We Deserve.” Betsy continues to try and find and stop Morgan Le Fey and to keep her brother alive while doing it. The book has been okay so far, but with Betsy go to see Tony Stark and Morgan sitting upon Dr. Doom’s lap, this look to be picking up soon.

Peacemaker Tries Hard #1. Written by Kyle Starks and drawn by Steve Pugh. I loved the Peacemaker HBO Max series and this comic is clearly trying to cash in on the success of that James Gunn-directed series. This comic has its moments, but a lot of what they do just feels kind of crude. Probably because they do not have the charisma of John Cena on the pages like they do on the screen. Cena gets away with stuff like this because he is so likable. Overall, this issue was decent enough to where I may look for a second issue, but I’m not sure if this is a long term read for me.

Avengers: War Across Time #4-5. Written by Paul Levitz and art by Alan Davis. This five issue series came to a close here as a displaced group of Avengers are traveling time to try and prevent Kang’s latest plan. This is another example of Marvel going back into its past to do a new, original story inside continuity. Honestly, this left me feeling somewhat empty. It was okay, but I think I expect more out of an Avengers book than this.

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